Ever find a video for your students that’s just right? Perfect even?

You show it to them (or they watch it on their own). It engages them. Makes them think. Starts really great conversations.

A video can be the right tool to kickstart great learning.

That’s why we created TEACHFLIX. It’s a collection of videos – sorted into categories – that you can use with your students in class. We’ve found our own favorites – and curated suggestions from classroom teachers. It’s not a perfect, all-encompassing collection. But we like it. And we keep adding new videos to it!

If you love all of these TEACHFLIX resources, you should check out all we have for you at Ditch That Textbook! It’s full of free teacher resources, including teaching ideas, templates, tech tools, and more. 

Scroll down the homepage to the “Explore the DTT blog” as a good starting point. Or choose “Templates” from the resources section in the top right. 

All of this stuff might help you write your lesson plans for the next few days … or more! That’s our hope anyway!